What I Wore On My First Trip Postpartum 

Finding clothes that increase my happiness hasn’t been that easy postpartum. I’m still in between sizes, my feet haven’t gone back to normal size and I’m still pumping so I need tops that require bras. A lot. 

But for my first trip postpartum, I took the extra time to really make some good purchases that helped me feel and look good. I knew the last thing I wanted was to go to Mexico and be concerned with what I was wearing and if I looked okay. It’s a transitional period for me wardrobe-wise. I’m trying to find pieces that meet me where I am and fit my new life and new roles. I still want to give feminine, youthful but mature, and also sexy but in a different way. Am I asking for too much?

For this trip, we had quite a few dinners and events planned that had dress codes made by our hosts (the couple we were celebrating). This helped me narrow down my search and focus on specific items. Here’s a quick rundown of the outfit requirements. We needed an all-black outfit, an all-white outfit (swimwear/yacht friendly), and a monochromatic outfit of our choosing. Everything else was free game. 

So here’s everything I wore for the trip and what I thought about the outfits. 

All-White Look

The all-white outfit was needed for a yacht party. I wanted something cute and feminine, a smidge sexy if you dare. I opted for this simple, mix-and-match white bikini paired with this white and silver crotchet cover-up dress. The bikini bottom fit perfectly in size extra-large, but the top was a little on the small size. I would not have felt comfortable wearing it without the cover-up. I wish I would have gotten a size smaller in the cover-up to get that perfect fit, but overall I did enjoy this look. The cover-up does get caught on literally everything and it is not short girl friendly. I tripped several times and ended up tying the bottom in a knot so I could walk safely on the boat.

All-Black Look

This outfit may have been my favorite and the one I got the LEAST amount of photos in. It was comfortable, sexy, and feminine. Exactly what I was going for. It was flattery to my shape. It hugged the curves I wanted and hid the ones I didn’t. The heels were also comfortable even with the thong between the toe.

Beach Day Look

Our beach day started with brunch, so I knew I wanted an outfit that would be cute in a restaurant and also on the beach with the convenience of not having to change clothes. I got this bathing suit and paired it with these mesh cover-up pants. I loved the color of the bathing suit, especially after being in so many neutral colors most of the trip. The fringes on the pants were my favorite part and were perfect for Tulum.

Monochromatic Look

This look was so simple, cool, and comfortable. It is so hot in Tulum, even at night. And the restaurants are all in these hybrid indoor-outdoor type buildings, so no AC. I melted at the all-black dinner, but I was much more comfortable in this crotchet dress. The top portion of the dress could have been larger but the bottom could have been smaller. It was an interesting piece.

I had fun choosing these pieces for our trip. I made sure to choose items that I would wear again beyond just on a trip out of the country. I also made sure to find pieces that I actually enjoyed and not only purchasing items for the sake of having them. I didn’t wear everything I packed in my suitcase but I at least have grown my wardrobe a bit more with pieces that make me happy. So a win is a win. What was your favorite look?

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