What Happens When You Take Skin Care Seriously?

2020 has been all about intentionality for me. I have been trying to find ways to be more intentional in everything I do. That led me to creating this blog. It also led me to changing my skincare routine. 

I was what you could consider a “product junkie” when it came to skincare products. I would buy any and every brand and any and every product and try them all. I would rotate between 6-7 different drug store products a week. I thought I had a routine going but I was not getting the results I wanted. 

So a little over 30 days ago, I decided to be more intentional about the skincare products I was using. I knew that drugstore skincare products are not highly recommended by many estheticians so I wanted to invest in some better quality products. (even if my bank account didn’t). 

I had been thinking about trying Urban Skin Rx for a while now so I chose this brand to do my 30 day challenge. 

*This is not a sponsored post nor an advertisement. I purchased these products myself because I genuinely wanted to use them. However, some affiliate links are included in this post and I will receive commissions if you choose to make a purchase.*

The Brand

Why did I want to try Urban Skin Rx? Because this brand is designed with melanated skin in mind. This brand is not black owned, but the Founder/CEO, Rachel Roff, is said to have created this skincare line because she saw the gap in the skincare industry. 

Roff advocates for inclusivity in skincare and designed these products to aid with hyperpigmentation struggles women of color face. I have some dark spots in my trouble areas on both sides of my face I wanted to clear up. I thought this brand would be worth giving a shot. 

I took a skin quiz on their website and it helped me figure out which products would be most beneficial. For reference, I have oily skin and hyperpigmentation below my cheeks. I do not experience many breakouts but I will occasionally get a pimple on or around my cheeks. 

I used their website for reference only. I ended up making my purchase through Ulta Beauty because I didn’t want to wait on shipping. You can also find Urban Skin RX products in Target and on Amazon.

Also, if you find yourself interested in purchasing any products, use this link to receive 20% off your purchase.

The Products 

After completing the skin quiz I was given a skin ID and a list of products that were best suited for my skin type. I can’t remember what products were recommended but I can tell you what I bought and what I thought about each one.

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Even Tone Cleansing Bar 

There are several different cleansing bars for this brand. The Even Tone Cleansing Bar specifically focuses on improving uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. The “bar” resembles a bar of soap and is fixed into a small container. It comes with two sponges so that you can apply this product without having to use your fingers. What I liked about this product is that it is 3-n-1. It is a cleanser, an exfoliator, and a mask.  I also really enjoyed this cleanser because although it was not harsh on my skin, I could tell that my skin was being thoroughly cleansed. The cleansing bars start at $14.99. 

Clear and Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads

The second product I invested in was the Clear and Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads. These textured pads also exfoliate, promote even skin tone and they remove excess oil. The pads were small and the recommended use was once to twice a day. I began using the pads twice a day but I felt like it was a little harsh on my skin, so I started using it once a day. Also, there were only 30 pads in the container and I ran out halfway through my 30 days sooooo…that’s that. I have repurchased the pads and I am still going to use them once a day. The pads start at $18.

Even Tone Super Glow Serum

I also purchased a serum for the extra glow honey. The Even Tone Super Glow Serum may be my favorite product of those that I use. I just love how it makes my skin feel. It aids with brightening and anti-aging and also fights against dark spots. I always feel extra glowy and dewy after I use it and extra bougie. It keeps me feeling luxurious. No more basic skincare routines over here. The serum costs roughly $26. 

Complexion Protection Moisturizer SPF

Of course I had to buy a moisturizer and of the many different options, I settled on this one. This moisturizer, if you can’t tell by the title, has SPF which is a great benefit for brown skin even if we think we don’t need it. The moisturizer is very lightweight but I still feel like I am receiving the coverage that I need. It also dries without the white residue, so it feels like you’re just applying regular moisturizer. The moisturizer, unfortunately, does smell like sunscreen and that’s my only con for the product. The moisturizer costs $24.00. 

My Routine

It’s important to have a routine to go along with any products you use. Consistency is key. For these 30 days, I made sure to be as consistent as possible. I cleansed my face every morning and every night before bed. I used the clarifying pads once a day after realizing they were a little strong for my skin. Once I ran out of the pads, around day 20, I skipped using a toner altogether because I kept forgetting to purchase some more (oops). After each facial wash, I would use either the serum, the moisturizer, or both. I will admit I was not as consistent with using both products every day. I usually used one or the other and rarely used them both at the same time. 

My Results 

So after 30 days, I feel that my skin has improved. I don’t believe I had drastic improvements but I do notice a difference. The dark spots on my cheeks appear lighter even though they are still there. I still had little pimples pop up every once and a while on my cheeks. But I did practice not popping the pimples and just letting them disappear on their own (boy was that hard). Overall, my skin feels and looks a lot smoother, firmer, and radiant. I can’t wait to see how these next 30 days go. Moving forward, I will be using a different cleansing bar which is designed for oily skin and blemishes since I still had a few pimples throughout the month. 

The challenge

Will you commit to a 30-day skincare challenge with me?

If your answer is yes then all you have to do is be consistent with your skincare routine. That means consistently use the same products and consistently use your skincare products with the same frequency. That’s it!

If you’re feeling moved to be more intentional with your skincare, then do a 30-day challenge yourself and see what results you get! Use #setyourskinchallenge to share your pics with me!

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