Beauty From Birth: Redefining Beauty

Tea Time With Ki

Each month I will take the time to gather insight from women everywhere on what beauty means to them. It is one thing for me to talk about beauty from my own perspective but this platform means so much more when others are included.

Beauty standards have been defined by society for a long time. But it’s time for women, beautiful black women, to redefine those beauty standards.

This month’s Redefining Beauty, is Kiara Williams, publicly known as Tea Time With Ki on all social media platforms. 

Kiara shares what she was taught about beauty, how that lesson has transformed or upheld throughout her life, and how she plans to cultivate an understanding of beauty to share with her daughter.

See what Kiara has to say about what she has learned throughout life about beauty.

“One of the first lessons I was taught about “beauty” was “beauty is only skin deep” & that I should always “march to the sound of my own drum!”

Kiara Williams

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Who is Kiara, Really?

“Who Kiara really is? Kiara is loving, Kiara is funny, Kiara is outgoing, & yet can still be shy! Kiara is intelligent, Kiara is strong, Kiara is bold, and Kiara can even be scared sometimes! Most of all, Kiara is forever inspiring & inspired by others and life itself. She loves the thrill of new things, to continuously be goal oriented, and yet loves the comfort of some things familiar!

She’s a juicy contradiction type of lady, yet a jack of all trades!! She’s also a graduate of NCCU, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, in which she has established a webshow, Tea Time With Ki! In which has highlighted celebrities as well as local rising stars! Kiara has always been a person with a heart of gold & to never give up, but to always press on through to the end!”

What were you first taught about beauty? Does it differ from what you believe now? If so, how?

“One of the first lessons I was taught about “beauty” was “beauty is only skin deep” & that I should always “march to the sound of my own drum!” My mom gave me those nuggets growing up! I believe those golden values even more now than I did growing up, simply because I had to overcome my own personal bouts with beauty, even though my mom always reassured me of my beauty! I hadn’t accepted it for myself!

As of now at the age of 28, I’ve lived to see it be true, & to know that no one can have beauty like you! Meaning that, there is room for all of us to be beautiful in our own unique ways, from inside & out, and we don’t have to dim our light to let someone else shine!

I remember a few years ago, a girl commented on my picture & stated “I gotta get fit like you!” and I told her “Nah boo, you gotta get fit like you!” Simply because, when I started losing weight, I didn’t have a sound idea as to whom I wanted to look like, I just knew I wanted to get healthy and fit for ME, whatever that may look like!!!

And if we all keep that same mentality, I believe we can be a little happier, instead of making someone else our goals, & know that we are our own goals and competition to loving and living better for ourselves!”

Do you have a current makeup or skincare routine? What does it consist of?

Hmmm, a current makeup routine, not too much, besides wearing my MAC concealer & foundation.

Or sometimes I switch it up & use my Esteé Lauder foundation in exchange for the MAC one, along with some bronzer, mascara, lip gloss, or my forever favorite Matte Ruby Woo, that’s about all I ever give to the people lol.

As for my skincare regimen, it’s a daily use of Olay age defying bar for my face and body. Along with some Dickinson’s Witch Hazel after that, to finish it off with some Cetaphil face cleanser, & a stamped approval of moisturizing down in African Shea Butter!

If you had to give up all your beauty products except one, which would you keep and why? 

Now if I ever had to give up ALL of my beauty products, except just one, I do believe I could live without the others, all except for my African Shea Butter!

Simply put, because it makes my skin and soul shine when that skin may be a little dull lol, on top of being able to moisturize my skin if nothing else!

Redefining beauty, Tea Time With Ki
Redefining beauty, Tea Time With Ki

Being an expecting mother of a baby girl, have you thought about what you would teach her about beauty?

Being an expecting mother of a baby girl, I’ve thought about so many life lessons to teach her, and especially about beauty!

Firstly, it would be to be beautiful in everything you do, from the way she should demand respect, treat others, love herself, respect herself in mind, body, & truth!

Secondly, to accept others on their beauty, what one may feel is beautiful about themselves may not be the same thing that she sees, but to still respect their decision on what is beautiful about themselves to them!

Thirdly, to know that beauty is only skin deep, & that it’s your mind, attitude, and soul that makes the beauty on the outside radiate the more!

And lastly, but not least, to never let anyone, man nor woman, dim your presence or your soul of beauty, thinking that you need them particularly to love or accept you as you are, & that we all have beauty about us in our own unique ways!

Do you have any words of encouragement for our readers?

To our readers, words of encouragement would be: to always love yourself, take time for YOU!

Get in the mirror and make positive words of affirmation that start with “I am” and see that you may cry a little bit, but it’ll make you stronger & cancel out the negative thoughts that others may have thought or said about you!

Also, to always know, there’s nobody out here like you, and that’s your gift, the world needs YOU and you need YOU!!! So don’t ever give up, & always keep a smile nearby, & never let the sparkle in your eye die! Blessings & love to you all!

Thank you Spechel for such a moment in beauty to share such openness and love with others on your platform!! I love you.

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