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5 Ways to Normalize Luxury Without The Cost

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A few weeks ago, the above meme was shared across social media platforms that highlighted the need for Black women to normalize luxury. After that, several other tweets/memes popped up also supporting this idea and emphasizing that there is no one standard price on luxury. 

Repeat after me: Luxury is a mindset, not a price tag!

Luxury is about more than the cost of an item or event. I read one comment that said that luxury is having the time to take time for you. Simple as that. Like taking the time to apply your makeup. Or taking time to soak in the tub after a long day. These activities cost little to no money, if you’re already stocked up on the necessities, and still give you that same benefit. Enjoying luxury can be really simple and it’s rewarding. 

The Google definition for luxury is  “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” Extravagant has some connection to coins, but “state of great comfort” does not. “State of great comfort” is more of an experience or feeling. So if you don’t want to spend the coins, focus on what brings YOU great comfort. 

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In case you’re wondering about some ways you can add the great comfort without the extravagant coins, I have some simple options to share!

Enjoying Skin Care Products

If you read my skincare blog post a few weeks ago, you know that I have been enjoying using a new skincare brand for my everyday routine. It’s something about some glowy skincare products that just make me feel expensive. Recently I have been enjoying using the serum from Urban Skin Rx. Serums are an extra step beyond the normal cleansing and moisturizing. I also love using a mask every so often. There are so many different masks you can apply and let sit while you relax. Masks require time because they need to harden/dry. And what did we just say luxury was: having extra time!

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Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!

It’s something about exfoliating that just makes me feel like I am doing the absolute most and I love it. Exfoliating my face and body is so enjoyable. Add some facial and body scrubs to give yourself that extra umph when you’re feeling a little less smooth. I enjoyed using the Dove Body Exfoliating Polish and it always left me feeling extra soft.

Bubble Baths

I think we all know this is a given. Because honey, anytime I get in the tub and sip on me some wine, I feel all types of expensive. My Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath always leaves me feeling relaxed, especially if I use the Lavender Soothe and Sleep scent. Amazing! You can add anything to your bubble bath. Add in some flower petals, sit your crystals out (if that’s your thing), turn on your music, and let your mind travel to another place. For added luxe: moisturize with baby oil right out of the tub, then throw on a silk robe. You’re welcome 😉

Light Some Candles

You know what else pairs well with a bubble bath? Candles. Enjoying some lovely scented candles is another way you can add some extra comfort to your everyday routine. I keep candles in almost every room and I enjoy lighting them almost every day. Especially on my days off when I can just sit and enjoy the aromas for a few hours. Candles are mood setters and deliver so much relaxation.

COVID Friendly Mani and Pedis

Rona is still here and although most nail salons have opened, if you’re like me you may still be a little wary about visiting. So treat yourself to an at-home mani and/or pedi. The tools you need can be found right in Target, Walmart, or Amazon. And if you are someone who usually enjoys getting a full set but you are not visiting the nail salons, order a set of press-on nails and enjoy the same length and designs without the risk. I enjoy wearing Press N Slay nails by Royally Slayed. After applying, I even add a little oil on my cuticles for the full experience.

Luxury is whatever you make it to be for you and your lifestyle. You are entitled to enjoy some of the extras in life. Try to make time to enjoy them more. Think about the things you enjoy that bring you extra comfort and relaxation and try to incorporate them into your weekly routine more. I promise you, you won’t regret it. This is the type of self-care you need. Normalize luxury in your life!

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