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6 New Year’s Resolutions To Help You Prioritize You

It’s January, month one of 2021 and the world is buzzing about what resolutions they will have for this year and the old habits they will leave in 2020. Honestly, some of the resolutions can be a little rudimentary and repetitive year after year. We want to work out more, eat healthier, and spend less and save more at the beginning of every year.

It’s fine to want to do more of those things, but challenge yourself to create more New Year’s resolutions that have less to do with physical benefits and more to do with the holistic value that will help the beauty in you shine through. 

Here are some New Year’s resolutions for you to consider adding to your list if you would like to make more effective changes that will help you become a better you. 

Focus on your overall health. 

Gyms and fitness programs get flooded with crowds at the beginning of a new year because everyone has made the resolution to “get back in shape” or “to work out more.” That is a good promise to make to yourself, but a more realistic resolution would be to focus on your overall health.

As millennials, we are getting older and we need to focus on our insides a little more than the outside appearance. Now is the time to focus on finding primary care providers, scheduling routine checkups, and scheduling time with a therapist. Even making sure to take a daily multivitamin is a step beyond simply working out.

These types of New Year’s resolutions matter so much more than trying to work out every day and will have more long-term effects. You can keep tabs on your health and focus on taking better care of yourself, while also working out. 

Prioritize Taking Care of Your Skin

As I mentioned in my Makeup Trends of 2021 article, skin is definitely in this year. When you take the time to put energy and thought into your skincare routine you are benefiting your overall wellbeing. When our skin has been cared for, we look and feel like we have been taken care of.

Taking care of your skin is also a way to add some luxury to your life. There are so many different products and methods that can be added to your skincare routine that can take your skincare routine from a 2 to a 20. And the results from a completed skincare routine, besides flawless skin, are a rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed you. 

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Do More Of The Things You Love

We spent 2020 having the opportunities to enjoy many activities that we were used to partaking in disappear. We were ultimately then forced to find new ways to keep ourselves entertained and find enjoyment in our lives to distract us from everyday woes. Maybe that wasn’t so bad.

As the pandemic continues, and businesses and venues bounce between opening and closing, 2021 is a good year to continue finding ways to do more of the things you love. When you find things to do that you love, then you have found ways to create inner happiness. Do more of those things and less of the things that stress you or bring you grief this year. 

Give Yourself The Love You Desire To Give Someone Else 

This is for single women AND those in relationships. Women are made to give love and we often spend more time focusing on the love we want to give others more than we focus on loving ourselves. But we have to realize that until we love ourselves, we can’t fully love anyone else. And it is when we begin to love ourselves that we will attract the love that we deserve.

You can’t fully receive love until you determine how you want and need to be loved. The only way to do that is to spend time getting to know yourself and spending time with you. Treat yourself to nice things, and leisure and luxurious activities. Wine and dine yourself and don’t be afraid to have lunch or dinner alone. You are your best company and you deserve the best love, so give yourself that love first. 

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Bet On Yourself

Last year, I wrote a post on ways you can combat imposter syndrome. Another way you can combat the imposter monster is by betting on yourself. Believing in your potential and your capabilities and never doubting yourself. When you bet on yourself, you allow yourself to dream big and plan for bigger. You are no longer minimizing your wants and desires and instead, you are shouting them for everyone to hear. A bet on you is a bet you will always win. So be your biggest fan.

Choose You More

In 2021, challenge yourself to choose you more. It’s such a crazy thing that this even has to be a challenge, but it is for many, myself included. Practice saying no to things that don’t bring you joy and say yes to only the things that make you smile. Choose to relax and to rest. Something as simple as saying no to someone or something else is like saying yes to you. Spend more time learning what you love and finding new hobbies. 

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Get A Routine In Your Every Day Schedule

After a chaotic 2020, and the beginning of another chaotic year, having some type of routine will be beneficial to everyone. Maybe your routine will be morning yoga sessions or spending time reading for 30 minutes before work. Or maybe it’s taking an evening stroll through the park after the workday or completing your skincare routine every night before bed. Something as simple as journaling for 30 minutes before or at the end of your day is a routine.

Find a routine to immerse yourself in this year so that you don’t get lost in the chaos of the world or become a robot. Take back control over your life in 2021. 

There are so many different ways you can be a better you holistically, that don’t only include reaping physical benefits after life changes. The ways listed in this article are only a few ways that you can implement in your life in an effort to become a better you. Each of these focuses on small and simple lifestyle changes that are enjoyable to do. They require you to put yourself first in 2021 and make your wellness and well-being a priority. Are you up for the challenge? Share these New Year’s resolutions with a friend and add them to your digital vision board!

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