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20 Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mother You Know

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. My mother reminds me every year of when Mother’s Day is. It’s like she knows on January 1st of every year, when the second Sunday of May will be. How does she do it? I’m not sure, but she makes sure I never forget. 

So, that means I need to have the gifts ready. And I’m sure you have a mother (friend or family) in your life that you may want to gift this Mother’s Day. 

Check out this gift guide that has a gift perfect for every type of mom in your life. 

Make sure you save this list because you might see something for yourself. Any woman, mother or not, would appreciate a gift from here. I know I would. 

*If you choose to make a purchase from some of the links listed below, I will receive a commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.*

For the beauty enthusiast mom 

Silk or Spa Headbands 

If you have a beauty enthusiast mom in your life or a mom who just loves playing in makeup from time to time, they may appreciate some of these items. 

A silk headband to secure their edges when they are doing their skincare routine or applying makeup would be perfect. Check out these options from FORVR Mood or this one from Amazon. If you don’t want to opt for the silk option, spa facial headbands are also cute but may not be as protective for edges as silk. Check out this cute set  that includes a spa facial headband and silicone brushes for product application. 

Water Absorbing Scrunchies 

You know how annoying it is when you’re washing your face and the water runs down your arms and gets your sleeves soaking wet? Yea, I hate it too. And more than likely, the beauty enthusiast in your life hates it also. A perfect gift for them (or you) would be this Face Washing Set from Amazon that includes water absorbing scrunchies that go on your wrist to soak up all of that running water so you can focus fully on getting your face nice and clean and less on your arms and sleeves. 

Crystal Facial Rollers 

While we are on skincare, did you know that there were benefits to using facial rollers? The benefits range from increasing blood flow to the face for brighter and firmer skin to helping with stuffy sinuses! There are different types of crystal facial rollers and each gemstone provides different types of benefits. Knesko Skin discusses the different gemstone roller options and what each is designed to do. 

Makeup Mat 

Another useful gift option for the makeup lover in your life would be a makeup mat. A makeup mat can be placed on top of a vanity, the sink, or the area they use to apply products to prevent from getting that surface dirty. There are many options to choose from. I use a mat when I apply makeup at my vanity and it is very useful. Check out this one from Amazon

For the natural hair mom 

The natural hair queen in your life will thank you for these thoughtful gifts (even if they already have one because you can never have too many). 

Silk Pillowcase 

I believe it’s understood now that cotton pillowcases are out and silk pillowcases are in as a means for protective natural hair and preventing hair breakage. Get the natural hair mom in your life a silk pillowcase so that she can keep her tresses (and skin) moisturized and healthy while she sleeps. Some Black-Owned brands to support for silk pillowcases are FORVR Mood and Opulent Hair Essentials. Check them out!

Hair Accessories 

If you have natural hair then you know that hair accessories are needed from time to time, especially turbans. Some of my favorite hair accessories for my microlocs have came from Dome Peace. It is a Black Woman-Owned business and each of the pieces are hand crafted. They sell instant turbans, so if you are like me and struggle with tying head turbans these are made just for you. They also have headbands, hats, scrunchies, loc jewelry, and hair clips. Check out my review of their items on my Youtube channel. 

Hair Steamer

Hair steamers are used to open the cuticle of the hair shaft and allow better penetration of products to either remove build-up or increase moisture retention. They can be used before shampooing or used while deep conditioning. There are so many benefits to using a hair steamer, that’s why it would make the perfect gift for the natural hair mom in your life. Amazon has many different options for hair steamers. There are hair steamers that are hooded and you actually sit under and there are hair steaming caps. It depends on your budget and what would work best for the space of your living area. 

Microfiber Hair Towel

If you didn’t know, cotton towels are not great for your hair. I’m just the messenger. Cotton towels can dry out natural hair, cause frizziness, and leave behind lint. Microfiber towels are the alternative. Grab your natural hair loving mom a set of these microfiber towels because having one is not enough. 

Shop Beauty Positive Merchandise

For the self care and luxury loving mom 

Scents for the home 

Can you really ever go wrong with candles? Grab a gift set of the FORVR Mood candles or support a small business like Cozy Jeans Aromas. If candles aren’t their thing, opt for an aromatherapy kit with a diffuser like this one

Candle care kit

Sometimes its hard to know what scents people like when shopping. You know what’s easier? Purchasing a candle care kit for the candle lover instead. Candle care kits are both top tier and inexpensive luxury. These kits allow the user to perfectly clip the wick and maintain it for stronger and longer scent and burn time. You can find candle kits pretty much anywhere but check this rose gold one out from Amazon. Throw in a usb lighter while you’re at it. 

Eucalyptus Leaves 

Preserved eucalyptus leaves for the mom who needs extra self-care (shower head). Its another way to bring some much needed zen to their busy days while also helping to clear sinuses and stuffy noses. The refreshing eucalyptus sent along with the steam from the shower will melt the 

stress away.  You can find eucalyptus at your local nurseries or you can find some here. 

Facial Steamer

If you want to take the skincare to the next level and feel like you’re receiving a facial weekly, a facial steamer is the way to go. Not only is it a luxurious, self-care experience, it is also a beneficial experience. Steam will open your pores and allow for a deeper cleanse once your products are applied, as well as allowing the release of acne-causing bacterial. It is also soothing, hydrating, and firming. There are so many reasons why you should gift the self-care loving mom in your life a facial steamer.  

Mini Fridge for Skincare Products

Staying on the skincare train, what’s more luxurious than a mini fridge dedicated to keeping skincare products cold? Mini fridges for skin care product storage is a new trend. You can store your serums, facial oils, eye creams, crystal facial rollers, or whatever you desire inside these mini fridges. Cool facial products can help reduce swelling and minimize pores to give a firmer and tighter look. Check out these mini fridge options

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For the plant-loving mom 

Cute and Convenient Mister Spray Bottles 

Plant moms need love too. And cute mister bottles are definitely worth gifting so they can continue to take care of their plant babies. You can choose a cute mister bottle or opt for a continuous misting spray bottle like this one

Plant Tumblers or Mugs 

What’s a plant mom without something letting the world know they’re a plant mom? It comes with the territory. Amazon has such cute plant mom mugs, tumblers, and t-shirts. Or you can support a Black Business and purchase a Water Yourself Mug from yours truly. 

For the dog mom 

We can’t forget our fur mothers can we? There are so many different options for dog mom gifts. Like these wine bottle labels. Get your dog mom a bottle of her favorite wine and then stick these “Happy Dog-Mother’s Day” labels on the bottle. If the dog mom in your life loves Alex and Ani bracelets, then get her this Prints of Love bangle to add to her collection.

For the book loving mom 

Bathtub Tray 

The book loving moms need some quiet time to enjoy a few pages of their favorite book. Help them get that much needed me time by giving them a reason to take a bubble bath. When the kids are down for the night, they can set up their tub with a bathtub tray that makes it easy for them to enjoy their wine and books all within arms reach. 

A subscription to Audible 

Moms may not have the downtime they would like to sit and enjoy reading a book. They are probably on the go pretty much all of the time. So an Audible subscription would be perfect for her to be able to still get enjoy some reading while also being able to multitask. 

Bluetooth Headphones or Bluetooth Speaker 

Okay so, that mom probably has a lot of noise in her home. A set of bluetooth headphones or a bluetooth speaker may make that Audible subscription more feasible. With bluetooth headphones she can easily keep one ear free so that she can hear what the little ones may be up to. 

For the mother who is grieving

If you know a mother who has lost her mother or someone in her life, don’t forget to add her to your gift list. Send her some flowers and a card to let you know you are thinking of her during her grieving. Edible arrangements are winners with many women. A weighted blanket for extra comfort is also a great gift to add in reducing any anxiety she may have. I’m sure she would also appreciate a visit and a nice dinner or lunch with you too.

There are so many different gift options for the moms you know. If you’re like me, you probably saw some items you wanted for yourself. Save this list for you, your mom, and your girlfriends. Make this Mother’s Day a special one! Happy Shopping!

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