The Momcozy S12 Pro: How To Have A Successful Pump Journey With a Wearable Breastpump

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I was able to provide my son with only breastmilk for the first 8 months of his life. And I had a wearable breast pump to thank for contributing to that success. I used the Momcozy S12 Pro as one of my breast pumps throughout my exclusively breast-pumping journey. And I truly believe that if I didn’t have these wearable pumps, I would not have made it 8 months and I definitely would not have had an oversupply. 

Momcozy S12 Pro

How I Found the Momcozy S12 Pro

Before birth, I had already secured a portable breast pump so that I would be prepared postpartum. When I was in my postpartum season, being home most days alone with a newborn who needed attention and care, made it hard to be sitting strapped to a pump. I heard about wearable breast pumps, but I knew they were costly and out of my budget. A quick Google and YouTube search led me to discover Momcozy and their affordable wearable breast pumps. At the time of my search, the S12 Pro had recently been released. After watching a few videos, I made the decision to purchase off Amazon and I had my wearable pumps in a few days. The Momcozy S12 Pro currently retails $139.99.

Momcozy S12 Pro

First Thoughts

I found the Momcozy S12 Pro to be user-friendly and comfortable despite the size. The pumps are semi-bulky, but I found it to still be easy to be discreet when needing to pump on the go. The chargeable motors have 9 levels and 3 modes to cycle through when determining your comfort settings for your pump sessions. It also remembers your settings from your last session and returns to those settings each time you begin, until you change them. I loved that the pump motors had a digital display so that I could check my time and settings throughout my session to see my progress. 

 The battery life lasted for about 3-4 30-minute pump sessions a day. Which I found to be great, especially since I did not charge the pumps in between sessions. Immediately after getting my pumps, I began multitasking and accomplishing things around the house. I was able to bond with my son while also pumping. As I became more mobile and he grew older, I was able to manage pumping on the go and while traveling. 

The breast pumps have a double-sealed flange, ensuring that you don’t unintentionally leak out your liquid gold. When assembling your pumps it’s best to make sure you have firmly pressed your flanges to the cup because I definitely made that mistake a few times and lost some of my milk. 

More Tips For A Breast Pumping Journey You Can Enjoy

As I mentioned earlier, I fully believe that if I didn’t have this pump, I would not have made it as long as I did. I truly would have given up in the beginning. Breastfeeding is a journey and exclusively breast-pumping can feel like a taxing job physically and mentally. You want to ensure you are taking the appropriate steps for your body and finding the suitable tools and pumps to help you make your journey less stressful.

Here are some tips that helped me be successful using a Momcozy S12 Pro Breast Pump:
  • Ensure you have the right flange size

With any breast pump, it is important to make sure that you get the correct-sized flange for your nipple size. Having a too-large or too-small flange size will make pumping uncomfortable and can impede your breastmilk production. The standard flange size of the S12 Pro is 24 mm, which was too large for me. I ordered flange inserts, also made by Momcozy, to use to make the pump fit more comfortably. They have several different size options available to purchase for your pump. 

  • Use good-fitting bras for better support

As I mentioned, the Momcozy S12 Pro does protrude out and can feel a little bulky or heavy. I invested in full-coverage bras to help support me when using my wearable pumps. I found that the higher the coverage on the bra, the better support I felt. They also kept the pumps secure and fitted to my breast so they did not shift if I was multitasking or doing some errands and ensured I had the best output during my sessions. Another tip when applying wearable pumps, bend over so that your nipple/breast falls right into the opening of the flange. Sometimes it is easy to have your nipple and flange misaligned and you end up not pumping as much or any milk at all.

  • Have a consistent pump schedule 

I have already discussed this in previous blog posts, but the key to a successful breastfeeding/pumping journey is making sure you have a consistent pump schedule. When I started my journey I pumped every 2 hours then transitioned to every 3 hours because it was more manageable. My body was used to this schedule and knew to continuously produce milk because it was in demand.  The more consistently you pump, the more consistent your milk production will be.

  • Try different modes and levels to find what works best for your body.  

We often assume that the strongest level is conducive to more milk production. That is not always the case and it can actually lead to less milk production because your nipple is stressed from such strong tension and pulling. I tried different settings until I found what was most comfortable for my body, and surprisingly, that usually was the lowest possible option.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed using my Momcozy S12 Pro because it was cost-efficient, effective, and a lifesaver. There were so many moments when I was busy and didn’t have time to sit down and use my portable pump and my wearable pumps came and saved the day. They brought convenience to breastfeeding and made it possible when I didn’t think I was capable of exclusively breast pumping or providing my son breastmilk at all. 

I have recommended this pump to new moms several times because I understand how overwhelming breastfeeding and pumping can be and sometimes it can feel impossible, but these wearable pumps made it possible for me.

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