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To Leave or Keep? Makeup Trends for 2021

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As the new year approaches and the horrid year of 2020 comes to an end, many of us are trying to rid our homes, closets, and environments of things that no longer bring us joy. Trends are always changing, re-emerging, or simply expiring. Makeup and beauty trends are definitely ones that are constantly evolving. And I’m here to share some makeup trends for 2021 and some that are being left in 2020.

It’s expected that many of the beauty changes we will see will be due to the new facial accessory we have all been donning for 9 months. No matter what they say, it is hard trying to wear a mask with a full face of makeup. Changes HAD to be made. Let’s see how your makeup routine may or may not be changing. Check out the possible makeup trends for 2021 below.

Eyebrow Sculpting Perfection 

Verdict: Leave

Perfected brows are going out of style. You’ll see more of the big time MUA’s not focusing as much on perfectly sculpted and filled in brows. Natural brow strokes and outlines are now a more popular trend. One of my favorite Youtuber’s, Lorissa Nelson, shared that she wouldn’t be having perfect brows in 2021, and I must say I have also been feeling the light and more natural brow look myself.

So clean up your browline but don’t worry about having such perfect, dark, and filled-in brows next year. Maybe try dropping the pomade and picking up a pencil instead because your brow routine just may get shorter.

 My all time favorite brow pencil has been the Rimmel London Professional Brow Pencil, but I am looking forward to try the fan fav Benefit Cosmetics brow pencil in 2021. 

Light to Medium Coverage Foundation

Verdict: Keep

I think gone are the days that super matte and full coverage foundation ruled the world. Natural and more luminous makeup looks are in town. Skin is in honey, and I am loving seeing these flawless and simple looks. Jackie Aina and many other makeup gurus have raved in support of more foundations with natural finishes.

I must say I am a fan too although I haven’t tried a foundation with a natural finish yet. I have my eye on the newly released Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Skin Finish foundation and the raved about Nars Radiant Longwear foundation for additions to my 2021 makeup collection

Remember, skin is in, take care of her first. Check out my favorite skincare products I have been using and the results I have seen. 

makeup trends 2021, radiant skin
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Wing Liner 

Verdict: Leave

Dare I say wing liner is dying out ?. Dramatic wing liners have been with us year after year, but in 2020 we started to see less of the dramatic crisp wing liner and more of the smoked out, smoldered liners. Who What Wear listed smoldering eye liner as one of the top trends for 2021 and I couldn’t agree more. This has been something I have been using with my eye looks recently and I have been loving the soft but edgy vibe this gives.

Try achieving a smoked out, smoldering liner with a mechanical or regular eyeliner pencil, or even use a smudger brush with your eyeshadow of choice. 

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Cream Blush

Verdict: Keep

Now this one is a little tricky I must admit, if you’re a beginner. But it’s well worth the risk. Skin is in for 2021 and what better way to accentuate your features then to use a cream blush. (Powder blush is still in btw) A cream blush steps up your complexion application of your makeup routine. They bring extra moisture to your makeup routine and bring a more natural, skin like look.

Don’t worry oily girls, you can still use your setting powder to tone down the sheen later. You can also apply cream blushes to your bare skin for those quick no-makeup-makeup look days. Disclaimer: This moisturizing and nicely pigmented product is perfect for the cooler winter months and it may not be as great in the summer due to the heat and potential sweating. 


Verdict: TBD

Many of the above mentioned trends that are moving on to 2021 revolve around having a natural, skin like appearance. Baking kind of does the complete opposite of that. The purpose of baking is to hopefully remove any signs of creasing and create a flawless look. This is one trend that can be decided on case by case basis.

Maybe you want that snatched, “crease-free” beat, then you probably want to leave your setting powder on for an extended amount of time. Or maybe you want to have that everyday, flawless skin look, then you want to simply apply your setting powder and immediately brush it away for a softer finish. This is one that you will have to decide based on the look you want to achieve. 

makeup trends for 2021
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Harsh Contoured Looks

Verdict: Leave

If you haven’t figured out the theme for makeup in 2021 by now, then its soft, airbrushed, natural, and all of the above. Carved out, contoured cheeks may be a thing of the past come 2021 and we have already started to see those phase out. Melanin-friendly bronzers have made their way onto the scene and more women are choosing the radiance of bronzers over the harsh shadows that can be created by contour shades.

Bronzers do not create shadows and instead bring warmth and dimension to the face. Allure published a list of melanin friendly bronzers that will give you the bronzey and blurred look of your dreams. Blurred lines and flawless blending will definitely be on trend in 2021 and the blunt-edged contour can R.I.P. And that’s on who? Mary had a little lamb. 


Verdict: TBD

Remember the days where we all wanted to have our cheeks glowing to the heavens? What a time to be alive. Subtle is in now and highlighter popularity has transitioned. Softer highlighters with less texture are more popular than highlighters with chunky glitter and texture. But, what has come to steal the show has been liquid and gel highlighters or illuminators.

Makeup artists have been adding cream/gel and liquid highlighters to their makeup routines prior to adding their foundation. The glow comes from underneath and gives that natural luminous look that is now so popular.

My favorite highlighter for 2020 was Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector and I would absolutely restock it for 2021 because the quality of the glow is amazing. Check out this link to an Ulta Beauty Becca Cosmetics highlight kit that includes the Shimmering Skin Perfector AND a liquid highlighter. You can try them both and see which one works best for you. 

makeup trends for 2021
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*Honorary mention goes to serums (I know, it’s not a highlighter). Adding facial serums and oils to your foundation routine also gives that glow and smooth application that you didnt know you needed. 

Have you noticed that the beauty trends are going backwards and a lot of nostalgic makeup trends are reemerging? Dark lined lips and lipgloss are back in from the 90’s, some trends from the 2000s are also creeping back in to popularity. There are so many evolving techniques, products, and more in beauty.These are all only trends and not the end all be all for makeup.

You choose what you want to do with your makeup routine and you should wear the makeup that makes you happy. Just always remember to have fun, try something new, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone every once in awhile! 2020 was a wild year, you deserve to have some fun. 

Watch me use some of these makeup products/trends in this Youtube video.

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