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Can Makeup Be Therapeutic?

Using Makeup to Aid with Anxiety struggles

During such a time of uncertainty and unrest, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and it’s almost expected that levels of anxiety are high. Let’s be honest, the world is real heavy right now. It’s the perfect time, and it’s okay, to take a step back and find some ways to relax and reenergize.

One way that has always been useful for me to unwind has been makeup. I would get in my room, fix a drink, turn on some music, and play in makeup for hours. Completely shut off from what was going on outside. And I would always walk out feeling brand new.

This actually falls under “makeup therapy.” Before writing this article, I did not know makeup therapy was a thing. But there are many people in the makeup world who have shared how makeup has helped them battle depression, anxiety, insecurities and more.

This thread on Reddit, showed just how important makeup can be when you’re trying to heal and reset.

Makeup can be about more than just your outside appearance. It can be about regaining control over your life. I spent some time reading and researching and came up with a few ways that makeup can help you with life.

Here are some ways makeup, or a beauty routine, can help you say “woosah” and take back control over your life.

1. Self Esteem Booster

This one is probably a given. We all feel a little cuter and more put together when we doll ourselves up a bit and when our skin is glowing just right. It’s a definite mood booster. 

But in that process of spending more time with your face, your skin, and your features, it’s impossible not to begin to love yourself just a bit more. 

Add that new skincare routine. Spend time perfecting your eyeshadow looks or your brow routine. All that is time spent loving yourself and enhancing the beauty you already have.

You’re spending more time loving the person you are. You’re investing in your beauty and taking control over your beauty standard. You’re investing in some amazing products to try. Developing routines and ways to better your skin or enhance your beauty. You’re putting yourself through some required maintenance to keep yourself looking and feeling good.

And that’s a definite confidence booster and a great return on your investment. Who better to take care of you, than you?!

2. A Time to Declutter and Reflect

If you’ve ever spent time using some new skincare products or spent time on your makeup routine, you know beauty routines in general, take a good little minute. Your hands are occupied, you’re less present on social media. You have officially taken a pause. You’ve clocked out and you’re on break sis. Who doesn’t enjoy a little break time?

Spending time on you and your beauty routine gives you that much-needed pause on life. It’s a moment where you can have your “me” time. You are giving yourself some undivided attention. How often do we do that? 

You’re sitting still for at least 45 minutes or more. You now have the time to give yourself some time. I believe it is the best self-care there is.

3. A Hobby You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you didn’t have a hobby before reading this article, then maybe you will have an idea of where to start. As mentioned above, spending time on your beauty routine can help you to take a pause, declutter, and just re-energize. 

A hobby will do those same things. It will force you to make some time for yourself. It will give you a “breather” from your everyday work life. 

A hobby can also be a source of income. If you become well versed and skilled in something then you can easily render some services and make a profit. Never know, you may be the makeup artist or esthetician someone needs in their life. 

4. Gain Some Pride

We should always be proud of ourselves no matter what we do. Perfecting a skill will always contribute to your pride. 

With your beauty routine, you will probably begin to become more consistent with taking care of your skin or applying makeup, whichever is your goal. Consistency is always something to be proud of because why? Consistency brings results! And results are definitely something to strive towards and be proud of when you reach those milestones. 

Celebrate every time you follow your skin regimen after those long days of work. Celebrate every time you take some time for yourself to do your makeup. Celebrate every time you accomplish a look you were trying to recreate.

Get in the habit of celebrating you. Become your biggest fan.

I hope that after reading this post you are motivated to block out some time for yourself and for re-energizing. There are so many upsetting things happening in the news today and while we all want our voices to be heard, sometimes you need a mental break.

If you find yourself ready for that pause, then here is a little playlist I curated just for you to accompany you on the way. So grab your wine, your chosen beauty products, and spend some time taking care of you girl. It’s on me.

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