Loving Your Body: Redefining Beauty

It’s time for another Redefining Beauty segment, and this month’s feature is Simone’. This month, Simone’ is sharing how she defines beauty and how it connects with body positivity and femininity in her life. Take a moment to read and enjoy Simone’s beauty story.

Being beautiful is being aware of your flaws and being willing to work on them!

 Hi Simone! Thank you so much for being the Redefining Beauty this month. To start us off, could you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Simone a.k.a Tink. I am the owner of PixieBeads by Tink. PixieBeads is a body jewelry business. All pieces are handmade by me; it was originally started as just a waistbead business and grew into so much more. I love to promote health and beauty for women.

What is your definition of beauty? Has the way you defined beauty changed at all over the course of your life? If so how?

-“Beauty is defined in the eyes of the beholder.”

-Is not just your outside appearance!

Being beautiful is being aware of your own flaws and being willing to work on them! Taking accountability for any mistakes or where you may be in life! Self-reflecting to become the best version of yourself! Lifting others up regardless of what you get back in return! Just being you unapologetically!

Yes, the way I have defined beauty has definitely changed over the years from transitioning from a child to an adult woman. As a child-teen most are only acknowledging the beauty on the outside or how they are or others praised by their colleagues and superiors. Now as an elevating woman I still notice the outside beauty but I understand the insides make the outer appearance radiate even more.

Be confident in yourself and know you are worth everything and more.

What’s one beauty product that you regret purchasing? 

I don’t really have a product that I regret trying. I feel like it is all trial and error when it comes to beauty products. You have to find what works best for you.

When you start your morning, what’s the first beauty product you grab and why? What about at night? 

The first thing I grab in the morning and night is my Cetaphil face wash. I feel like I finally found great skin products and a routine that works for me. Cetaphil keeps my face clear of blemishes for the most part.

You make and sell custom waist beads. Can you explain to the audience how, if at all, waist beads connect with beauty and/or body positivity? 

Waistbeads have several purposes that are dependent on the woman, teen, or child wearing them. A couple of those purposes target beauty and body positivity. Waistbeads for weight/waist loss encouragement and improvement of self-body image! I’ve found from my snatched Queens Fitness Group that a lot of ladies often got discouraged on their weight loss journey because the numbers on the scale barely moved. Waistbeads are an alternate way of tracking weight/waist loss and they’re also a type of body jewelry. Who wouldn’t fall in love with their body along their journey while adorning their waist with beautiful body jewelry?

Waistbeads are worn for spiritual guidance and for self-image improvement.

It’s also a satisfying and addicting feeling when you start seeing those beads drop from your hard work. Waistbeads are worn for spiritual guidance and for self-image improvement. A lot of women struggle with loving themselves for who they see in the mirror. It could be a new/old mom staring at those stretch marks, a woman looking at her surgical/medical scars, or body dysmorphia. My PixieBabes always express their newfound love for themselves once they’re adorned in beads! Some women wear beads for color symbolism or healing crystals to help elevate their spiritual being which to me is very beautiful. Anyone who consciously works in improving themselves inside and out is beautiful.

Body positivity is a part of self-love and we believe self-love is a big aspect of beauty on the blog. How do you maintain body positivity in your life?

I maintain my body positivity in several ways. First and foremost I try to stay consistent with daily prayers and affirmations. I have anxiety so affirmations are very important to help me reaffirm myself. I try to maintain a healthy diet and stay persistent with physical fitness. Working out also contributes to great mental health. Lastly, I wear waistbeads of course. My traditional tie-on waistbeads are worn, for fitness tracking, spiritual guidance, body positivity, and womb wellness.

I’ve been following you on social media for a while and I love your short haircut! Does your current hairstyle correlate with how you define beauty? If so, how?

Yes, I love a short haircut! It’s so easy for a woman that stays on the go. The day I cut my hair off I really started to look at myself in the mirror and accept me for me with nothing to enhance my features. A woman who cuts her is bold and very confident in herself. Currently, I am natural with an undercut. The undercut leaves with that sense of bold-assertiveness A trait all women should carry. I would say my current hairstyle correlates with how I define beauty because it is versatile. Beauty is seen as many things in different points of view, it’s very versatile!

From what I know about waist beads, it seems that they not only help women track their body changes, but also bring out a certain level of femininity in women. Do you think femininity connects with beauty? How so?

Yes, waistbeads definitely bring out the feminine side in a woman. I don’t think it necessarily connects with beauty. All women do not have feminine characteristics and some don’t care to have them. That doesn’t make them any less beautiful.

As a tradition of the Redefining Beauty segments, what words of encouragement would you like to leave for our readers?

Take time to get to know yourself, your flaws, needs, etc. Once you get honest with yourself, you begin to see things in your life fall in alignment! Never give up!

Please take some time to share any business ventures and/or social media platforms with our readers. 

I have a great fitness page on Instagram. I have workouts posted that are easy to follow on @ fitnessbytink_

I have something big in store for PixieBeads by Tink coming in December for my waistbead & spiritual lovers.

I hope you enjoyed Simone’s segment as much as I did. Please don’t hesitate to shop and support her business!

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