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Less is More: Changing Your Beauty Routine for Summer

Let’s face it, sometimes it is too hot to wear a full face of makeup. Especially during the day. If I am being honest, I hardly wear makeup during the summer. But you know sometimes, you just want to have that extra pop and extra glam when you head out into these streets (pre-Rona). And when you do go out, you don’t want everything melting and running down your neck. Because that is not cute.

So, I will discuss a few different options that you can implement into your summer beauty routine. One common theme will be recognized with each: LESS IS MORE. When you think about the summer, you think about color, vibrancy, and also wearing anything that is lightweight. But that applies to your makeup too.

When I think about the summer, I think about freedom and letting my hair down. These methods will give you the option to do just that! I will give this disclaimer though. Some of these options will not give you the “full glam” look, if that’s something you’re used to. Think of it as a step up from your natural look.

Here are some ways you can achieve that extra pop without the heaviness and the extra heat.

Apply Less Product 

As I mentioned earlier, less is more when it comes to your summer beauty routine. I’m sure we have all experienced the smearing and running of our makeup because we had to keep dabbing at sweat. A simple way to lighten up your makeup routine is to simply lighten it up. You can stick to the routine you are used to, just apply less products. When applying your foundation and/or concealer, you can apply a thinner layer just to give yourself a small amount of coverage. You have a nice, smooth finish without the weight.

Change Your Base

If you don’t want to apply a lighter amount of foundation or concealer, you can opt to change your base altogether. What’s a base? A base is the complexion product, like foundation and concealer, that you are using to apply to your skin. You can use products like BB cream and tinted moisturizers. These products are designed for when you don’t want to wear a full-coverage foundation. These products usually combine skincare and SPF (sunscreen) with your beauty products and those are definitely things that we need in excess during the summer. (Yes women of color need sunscreen). 

Another option could be to use a powder foundation instead. Powders are lightweight and can provide a good amount of coverage. I wore a powder foundation for much of my early makeup days. I used Clinique powder foundations and I can attest that they were truly lightweight but still gave a nice, natural, airbrushed finish. These powder foundations were foundation and concealer combos, thus removing the need to apply any additional products. You can also still use a darker powder to contour if you want to achieve that semi snatched look.

Leave the base at home

You can lessen the amount of products you apply, change them altogether, or just leave the complexion products at home and rock the skin you’re in. Skincare is the best beauty routine you can invest in. When we start taking better care of our skin, our natural melanin can’t help but glow! 

So starting there you can invest in a great moisturizer/SPF combo to apply before you start your day. I have been using one of Urban Skin RX’s SPF moisturizers every day and I have been loving my results. You can still fill in your brows and throw on some eyeshadow if that’s your preference. Or you can opt for just applying a little liner, mascara, some lashes, and your favorite lip product. You can also still apply your setting spray of choice. There are many setting sprays that work as both primers (skincare) and as fixers for your makeup. Rimmel London is one of many brands that offers 2-in-1 setting sprays. The summertime is the best time to take advantage of 2-in-1 products because it will reduce the amount of products you have to apply to your face.

Another way you can rock your skin, with some added glow, is by using cream blushes and gel highlighters. These products melt into the skin and give your cheeks and the highpoints of your face some added pigmentation and glow. And we love to glow, don’t we? I have used Aura Rouge Beauty’s jelly highlighter and I enjoyed my results.

There are many ways you can lighten up your beauty routine for the summer. These are just a few that you can try. Try all three ways and see what works best for you and your lifestyle. You may find that one way works better than the others. Let me know what works for you! Keep it cute and cool this Hot Rona Summer! 

Thanks for reading! As always, if you’re enjoying reading posts like these comment and share! If you would like me to discuss different topics, please leave them below!

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