Favorite Drug-Store Foundations for fall

Fall is creeping upon us quickly and one plus of the season changing is the fact that we don’t have to worry as much about our foundation melting away. I spent the summer sharing ways you can lighten up your makeup routine so you could stay cute and cool in the summer heat. Now, we can focus on those full glam looks because we don’t have to beat the heat anymore. So as we begin this fall makeup series, let’s start with a list of some of my go-to foundations. Most of these foundations can be found in drug stores and are priced under $15.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

This foundation is one of my all-time favorites and one that I use consistently. The foundation comes in a wide range of foundation shades, especially shades for women of color. I use the shade Mocha (360). There are also different finishes. I prefer the matte and poreless finish but there is also a dewy and smooth finish. The foundation is described on the website refers to the foundation as being lightweight and leaving a natural finish. I can attest to this. I feel like the foundation provides a smooth and lightweight finish. The foundation costs $7.99.

Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation

I recently tried this foundation and I have been in LOVE with it. It is definitely a full coverage foundation but I still feel like it is lightweight. There aren’t as many shades of the SuperStay Foundation as there is with the Fit Me Foundation and the SuperStay Foundation is more expensive at $11.99. I was able to find my same shade in the SuperStay Foundation

Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation

So, I haven’t worn this foundation in years but I would definitely purchase it again. The foundation gave me a nice smooth finish and there were enough shades for women of color for me to choose from. I used the shade Cappuccino.  I did find the bottle to be alot smaller than other foundations on the market. Although, it is small in stature, you are still provided with 1.0 FL Oz. just as with most foundations. This foundation costs $11.99.

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation

If you’ve been following me on social media for a while, then you know that I love using this foundation. The first time I used this foundation, I definitely did not get drugstore vibes. The foundation is described as being full coverage and I do agree with this statement. The foundation is also matte. I do feel like it is a soft matte and provides more of a natural-looking finish. There are 45 different shades and I believe there is a decent distribution of shades and tones for women of color. The foundation costs about $15.00.

NYX Cant Stop Wont Stop Foundation

These are the only drug store foundations I keep in rotation. Some other foundations that I have heard good things about have been the Loreal Infallible Foundation and Milani Screen. I haven’t purchased these yet but they are definitely on my list. If you have tried them or try them before I do, let me know what you think. If you have used any of these foundations before, what did you think? While you’re here, if you need help figuring out what products you should include in your makeup it then check out this blog post.

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