How to Wear Bold Lipsticks

Hot ‘rona summer edition

We’ve officially reached summertime and although Rona is trying to prevent us from having a Hot Girl Summer, she can’t keep us from rocking some colorful lips.

 Summer means color. That’s when we bring out our most vibrant clothing, accessories, nail/toe colors, and even hairstyles. Black women can rock anything! Sometimes though, it’s a little trickier rocking bold and bright lipsticks.

I’ve always been a fan of fun lip colors. My makeup story began with only lipstick application before I learned everything else about makeup products. I have worn blues, bright pinks, purples, oranges, and blacks.

With it heating up outside, allowing your lips to be the focal point of your makeup of the day comes with some pros. It’s hot outside. You probably don’t want to have many products on your face every day. So throwing on that bright pink lipstick you’ve been afraid to wear can be just the extra pop you need. And if you still haven’t mastered eyeshadow application, then a bold lip will come in and turn that look from basic to bomb real quick!

Are you sold on the idea of putting the color where your mouth is? Here are some melanin friendly ways you can wear bold lipstick.

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Let’s Pick Out A Shade

We have to start somewhere, so let’s start by figuring out where you can find some melanin friendly, bold lipstick shades. If we’re being honest, every beauty brand is not designed with us in mind and the colors, pigmentations, and tones show that.

Picking out lipsticks can and will be trial and error, trust me I have thrown away plenty of shades. But some good brands to start with would be, The Lip Bar or Fenty Beauty. I have not used these products but there has been a lot of positive buzz surrounding them. The majority of my lipsticks have come from *whispers* the beauty supply store. Don’t knock it until you try it girl! But I will have more on this later so stay tuned.

Overall, I suggest trying different shades and different brands until you find one that you love. Pinks and purples are some good and easier colors to start playing with and they’re also a lot more common.

Don’t Forget Your Liner

Now that you have a shade, you want to make sure you have a lip liner. Lip liners can be used to fill in areas on your lips and to help give a smoother look. They also serve as a guide when you begin to apply your lipstick and can help you “color within the lines.” Lip liners are beneficial for women of color because they can help to cover darker areas on our lips that may bleed through when we use brighter shades of lipsticks. Choose a lip liner similar in color to your chosen lipstick or choose a lip liner that is slightly darker if you want to create contrast or an “ombre” look. 

Add Some Sheen

Sometimes we need an extra glow and lip gloss can be beneficial when wearing bright lipstick. Lip Glosses can be clear or they can come in various tints. You may be able to find a lip gloss with a tint similar to your lipstick. A lip gloss can be used to “tone” down your lipstick if you feel it is a little too bright or if you just want a more subtle look. Think about, lip glosses are essentially not as pigmented as lipsticks. They are designed to give a soft hue to your lips but not completely change their color. So before you wipe off that lipstick, add some gloss. It may change your entire look!

ombre lipstick

Two Is Always Better Than One

Why wear one lipstick when you can wear two? I absolutely love creating cool ombre combos when I wear lipsticks. Ombre looks give you the best of both worlds. You are able to have your bright lip color without it being too bold, if that’s not the look you’re trying to achieve. To ombre your lipstick, choose your bright/bold lipstick shade and then choose a complementing darker shade. Place the darker shade around the perimeter of your lips. Then place the bright shade in the center and blend the edges of the two together. And boom you have a magical, standout lip look!

Just Live A Little

We all need color in our lives, especially during this Hot Rona Summer. Add a little extra flair to your look and smile while doing it. It will brighten up your day and probably someone else’s. Wearing bold and bright lipstick is a lot easier than you think. Your lipstick is your statement piece, you don’t need anything else. Now that’s a quick beauty routine! 

Why don’t you try it this week. Post a pic and tag me in it. I’d love to see you!

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