Black Fathers Matter

The Beauty of Black Fatherhood

Black fathers are beautiful. Period.

The way they protect their little ones and teach them some of life’s most valuable lessons.
The way they partake in fun games or remember to kiss their kids goodnight after a long day of work.
The way they set the standard for us growing up and continue to set the standard for many of us as adults.
It’s all so beautiful.

It’s so sad how unloved our black men are and how the world has come to believe that black fathers are absent in the majority of black homes. This black dad wanted to change that narrative and highlight how present black fathers really are.

Black fathers are present. Black fathers are needed. Black fathers are beautiful.

We need our black fathers. So here is a thread of us showering black fathers with some much-needed love.

My dad was an amazing man and he definitely set the standard for me. He taught me so many life lessons, lessons I still implement this day. His calm demeanor always made it easy to run to him with advice or even just to vent. He was truly my best friend. My dad made me feel protected from the world and I knew as long as I had him, everything would be okay. That’s why black fathers are important.

I miss mine every day. Continue resting in peace My Favorite Person in the Whole Wide World.


You are an amazing father and you have been setting an amazing standard for my nephews to follow. Keep steering them in the direction and showing them how to grow up into responsible, hard-working young men!

I love you and I am so proud of you!


Although you aren’t a biological father, you are a Godfather to three. This is a role you take pride in everyday and your Godchildren appreciate you for loving them.

I am positive that when God blesses us with kids of our own, you will be an amazing dad!

“25 years ago when I entered into this world, you were across the seas in Iwakuni, Japan serving our country. It wasn’t until months later that we were finally united and you have been there every year, month, week, day, hour, and second since.

My protector, provider, sports partner, motivator, and most importantly… My Father! Happy Father’s Day Daddy! Thank you for being an amazing father, husband, and priest of the home. I love you!”


“Happy Father’s Day Dad,

Thank you for being a positive example for our life Dad. You always make us smile, teach us new things and love us no matter what. We love you so much.”

– Go Team Bullard

“My dad came to the United States with little to no education from the Common Wealth of Dominica to make a better life for himself. He is my pillar of strength.

He is the most caring, loving and humble person. He gives me strength to face any problem in life. He inspired me to look at the bigger picture in life and what’s really important.

What I am today and the woman I will become in the future is due to the support and love of my parents. They have made me disciplined, motivated and determined to go after everything I want in life and I thank them for my upbringing and lessons learned.

Happy Father’s Day to my King Julie O. Beaupierre”


“Thank you daddy for being the perfect example of a husband, father, protector, provider, but most of all, a man of God.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for Mama, Jessica, and I throughout the years. I love you very much and enjoy your special day. Happy Father’s Day!!”


There are so many people out there cherishing their fathers today. I hope that you are able to be one of them. And if your father is black, love on him a little bit more. They need it, just like we need them.

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