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Being A Plant Mom: What I’ve Learned About Life

If you follow me on Instagram (@spechel_nicole), then you’ve probably seen me in my role as a plant mom and you’ve seen quite a few guest appearances from my children on my Instagram stories. My dog, Kiki, and my plant babies! During this pandemic, I have become one of many people who have become plant parents. I have always liked plants, and I would try often, but I would always think, like many do, that I was not capable of taking care of plants and that I would kill them. Which I have done before (RIP Stella and Barbara). But, it is really an easy journey and might I add, worthwhile. I have learned quite a few simple things about life and beauty just from caring for my plant children. I thought I would share with you some things being a plant mom has taught me over these past few months. Maybe I’ll even encourage you to adopt a little plant baby of your own.

You NEED Water

(and Sun)

This probably seems like an unnecessary point or lesson to share. But often times it is easy to forget this. We need water. Our body needs water to survive. To be healthy. For nutrients. To flush out toxins. To be hydrated. Yea, it’s something that we already know but it is a lesson that is refreshed and retaught by plants. When I look at my plants and it seems like the leaves are drooping or browning or just plain falling off, the automatic response is “Oh no, did I forget to water you?” How often do you look at yourself and ask that same question? Probably not often. But it’s something that we need to incorporate in our daily self talk. Sometimes just a sip of water can go a long way. 


Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Bad For You

This guy I used to talk to used to say this to me quite often. At the time I thought he was just being argumentative and difficult, which he was. But now I realize there is some truth to that statement. It is possible to give your plant too much water or place them somewhere where they receive too much sun. These good things can cause damage to your plant if given in excess. Just like it is possible to get sunburned if unprotected for extended periods of time in the sun. We have to take good things in moderation. Think about it. Sweets are amazing but we have to eat them in moderation for our health. Hanging out with friends and partying is fun but it is also good to do those things in moderation. It’s okay to let the good things trickle in, they will last longer and make you appreciate it much more. 

being a plant mom

Even With Your Imperfections You Still Grow

So I have this Mass Cane/Corn Plant and he is the most finicky of all my plants. The tips of some of its leaves continue to brown, no matter where I place it. You would think brown tips would mean that this plant was dying right? Nope it continually produces new little leaves and has grown so much since I purchased it. It shows me that even with imperfections, you can still grow. You’re still growing. We all have flaws but it does not mean we have to let these flaws hold us up or hold us back. 

It’s Okay To Let Someone Take Care Of You 

Plants thrive with the help of humans. Of course, most plants can live an amazing life without us, especially those outdoors. But they benefit from someone checking in on them every once and a while. Don’t we benefit from the same thing? It is okay to let someone take care of you sometimes. It is okay to let someone help you. I know I always try to do things on my own and turn down help quite often. But is it so bad to let those that want to help, help? Just think about how much a plant thrives when it is being watered and when someone speaks life into it. (yes plants love when you talk to them). We need those same things. We need to let people check in on us sometimes. It just may give you an extra push to grow. 

It’s Okay And Expected For You To Outgrow Places (people and things) 

When you become a plant parent you will learn that sometimes your plant will begin to outgrow its pot. This can affect your plants growth, health, and overall well being. Sometimes as humans, we can experience the same thing. We outgrow jobs/positions, friends, relationships, homes, etc. It may take us a little while to realize we have outgrown these things and when we finally do it’s because we have started to notice some negative impact on our lives. But I’m here to let you know it’s okay to outgrow these things because it means you’re actually growing and those things you’re trying to hold onto are not. So don’t stay where you don’t fit! And don’t cramp yourself, trying to make yourself fit either. It will only hurt you. 

Sometimes A Simple Shift Is All You Need

If you were keeping up with my Instagram stories, you probably saw me sharing the growth of one of my plants from a seedling to a very tall plant, very quickly. Well this plant did not experience the tremendous growth that it did until I shifted its location. The plant did not grow at all in the first spot I placed it. But once I moved it, it grew so much and so fast in a short amount of time. Move when you need to. Don’t stay in the same place if your growth is stagnant. Shift. Change the way you do things, change your perspective on life. Don’t stay stagnant. 

There Is Beauty In All of God’s Creations. 

Yes, that means you. Life is beautiful. Living is beautiful. God is beautiful and He created some beautiful things, like you. Having plants has made me appreciate the beauty of life even more. Plants weren’t created on accident and without purpose and neither were we. We were all created uniquely and with a purpose. Just like plants, you are resilient, you are unique, you are beautiful and your beauty is breathtaking.

Let me know if you want to read more content like this. Or if you enjoy reading about plants and would like to see more content like this, let me know! Follow me on Instagram so I can introduce you to my plant babies! Also, let me know if you are a plant mom or plan on being a plant mom!

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