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Beauty Through Gardening: Redefining Beauty

Antoinette Bullard

A few weeks ago I shared some lessons that I’ve learned from being a plant mom. Well, this month’s Redefining Beauty is a fellow plant mom and gardener. Antoinette shares how embarking on a plant parenthood life has influenced her outlook on beauty and life in general. She highlights some significant lessons she has learned on her journey so far that I’m sure you will enjoy reading.

During that time, I was learning to love myself for me not because someone else said they loved me for all of the attributes they enjoyed.

Antoinette bullard

I always love to get our Redefining Beauty to introduce herself to the audience. So, let the people know who you are. 

I am Antoinette Bullard,

I am a God-Fearing Woman, a beautiful soul sister

I am the daughter of kings and queens, my role models and guardian angel over my life

I am a wonderfully made wife 

I am a blessed mother that prays and sows seeds into my children 

I am an encouraging sister that touches, empowers and keeps it real with all woman that she comes into contact with

I am more than enough, I am destined to be RIGHT where I am in life; ever-evolving

I am a nature lover 

I am black excellence 

I am a hustler, an entrepreneur    

I am more than a survivor, my purpose is to carry the torch of wisdom, a beacon of light 

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How do you currently define beauty? Has your definition changed at all throughout your years of life? 

My first interactions with the word beauty began when I was a little girl. Growing up, I received positive affirmations about what I can remember being my looks and how well mannered and kind I was. My Mother never allowed me to be disrespectful to anyone nor to leave the house looking “any type of way,” Even now those beginning values have stuck close to me. One mantra I have adopted is “When you look good you feel great!” It’s contagious. Try it! 

I believe as time has progressed and my identity has evolved, I have had to come to my own definition of beauty. I believe that True Beauty goes beyond your outer skin and appearance. Beauty is the ever-evolving progress of your authentic self. Once you embrace your own beauty you are able to extend that glow and love to others. My beauty shines through my love for Christ, my authenticity, my vulnerability, being alive and life-giving. 

You are a plant mom/gardener. Does your love for plants and gardening connect with your definition of beauty? If so, how? 

In college, I attempted to become a plant mom. I truly thought I did not have a “green thumb” despite the fact that my family sowed and tended all of their lives. As I reflect, I do not think it had anything to do with not having a “green thumb,” but everything to do with what my standard of my beauty was as a person at the time. During that time, I was learning to love myself for me not because someone else said they loved me for all of the attributes they enjoyed. It took some time to grow into my own skin & it feels great!

Currently, I find beauty and appreciation in everything in its most naturalist state. Authenticity in my hair, nails, relationships, reflection of myself, transparency and nature around me. Gardening and plants bring so much joy, love and appreciation for life itself and its beauty. My plants are growing like never before and I believe I love them more because they are a reflection of me and my continual growth through every season in life. 

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Has being a plant mom taught you anything about life and beauty? If so what? 

With every new plant and new season, my plants have taught me so much. Literally, I have seen my plants bud, bloom, and “die”. Being a plant mom has truly taught me to never give up on what you’ve started because the results are not what you wanted right then and it enhanced my ability to problem-solve. They have also taught me the true meaning of individuality and purpose. Every plant has its own personality and purpose whether it’s for healing, keeping the snakes away, or beautification. Kinda reminds me of people I encounter. I strive to treat everyone like my plants; no matter what their stories or purpose may be, I must pour love, grace, and mercy and they will forever blossom into what they are supposed to become. 

Lastly, being a plant mom brought so much life into my life after my mother passed this year. Just a small symbol of life can provide healing during your grievance. Being a plant mom has been my healing and therapy. Literally and figuratively. 

Walk us through your everyday beauty routine. 

My inner and outer self are so connected that they both work together to give me my natural glow. Every day, I begin with a similar positive affirmation that you read when I introduced myself. My routine then follows by quiet bible time, a powerhouse workout, shower and simple natural hair and skin care. Throughout the day, I must admit I have a dose of nature or podcast of some sort to encourage me to stay beautiful throughout the day. This routine looks very similar to my night beauty routine with a taste of daily reflection. 

“Being a plant mom has truly taught me to never give up on what you’ve started because the results are not what you wanted right then and it enhanced my ability to problem-solve.”

Antoinette Bullard

If you could choose an endless supply of one beauty product (skincare, hair, makeup, etc.), what would you choose and why? 

I would need an endless supply of my co-wash and jojoba oil. Hair is the most expressive part of me. My hair can tell you a lot about my mood, my health, my personality, or the type of day, week, or month I am having. As my grandmother can say, “It is my glory!”

You have many hats/identities. Mom, wife, plant mom, and many more. But one of those “hats” is a God-Fearing, Christian woman. Through your spiritual journey, what insight have you gained about beauty from your time spent with God?

I am confident in the skin I am in because I am God-Fearing. My true identity and beauty is defined by who God says that I am. The way I walk, my purpose in life, my justification for living, and the way I carry myself is justified by him. Learning more about who God is, who Jesus was, and how He interacted with others, the promises God has over my life, and who he really says I am continuously shapes my definition of beauty. I owe my ever-evolving definition to him. 

As we wrap up this interview, what words of encouragement or advice would you give to women everywhere? 

You are valued. You are destined for greatness. You are innovative and creative. Step out on faith in everything you do serve others as Jesus served us! You are beautiful because God says you are. Walk with your head high with confidence of the skin you are in queen(s). Stay focused on what God has for you and do not fall envy to others. Other people made those expectations for you. You are enough and exactly where you are supposed to be in life in this MOMENT! Stay true to you boo! 

Lastly, do you have anything business opportunities you would like to share with our readers? 

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I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s Redefining Beauty’s interview. Be sure to follow Antoinette on social media to keep up with all that she has going on!

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