Beauty Supply Store Makeup: Yes or No?

Why You Should Explore Your Local Beauty Store’s Makeup Section

The beauty supply store has truly turned into a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs these days. They have always been equipped to be this but they have expanded their catalog so much over the years. Before I was hip to makeup and beauty, I would always pick up different lipsticks from the hair store when I was in college. Lipstick and brows were my things back then. 

I believe making beauty store makeup purchases has been something I learned from my mother or maybe from just being from a small town. It was common to go into the hair store and pick up some lipstick, lip gloss, body oil, lip liners, and more.

I’m here to tell you that you can find any and everything you’re looking for in the beauty supply store for half the price. This is the perfect place for beginners in makeup to go and get some products to practice with. It’s more about learning the technique than using expensive products.

beauty supply store makeup
L.A Girl Makeup

What Useful Products Can you Find?

Many beauty supply stores today have revamped and upped their game when it comes to their makeup sections. Their displays and lighting are giving Target and Ulta a run for their money. Many of these hair stores carry brands you are familiar with like NYX, KISS Professional, and L.A. Girl. You can find setting powders, concealers, lipsticks, lip gloss, eyebrow pencils, nail polish and more inside the beauty supply store. The prices vary but are usually a lot cheaper than what you would find in a drug store. 

How Is the Quality of Beauty Supply Store Makeup?

Now being that it is a beauty supply store, some of the brands may be of questionable quality. That is why I usually limit my purchases to lipsticks and liners primarily. The majority of the lipsticks I have purchased have been great and I receive compliments and inquiries about the ones that I wear all of the time. People can’t believe that I am wearing lipstick from the hair store.

I will admit that sometimes you may buy a matte lipstick that is a little too matte and drying. I have had a few of those. But after trial and error, I learned which brands were safe and which ones to stay away from. Plus, the lipsticks are usually $1.99-3.99. So, there isn’t that much risk in losing money spent.

 I have also purchased setting powders from the beauty supply store and I have had good quality looks using them in the past. One of the setting powders was from Absolute New York. You will see later on in this post that I have used quite a few Absolute New York products. I used their HD Flawless Setting Powder when I first began my makeup journey. I no longer use the product but I would recommend it for beginners who are still trying to learn how to properly set their concealer.

I also use KISS New York Professionals setting powder. I actually still use this powder in my current makeup routine. I use their ProTouch setting powder in Earth to set my primer. In my opinion, both of these products served their purpose and I would recommend them.

I have never purchased a foundation for myself but I did have a friend purchase some Ruby Kisses foundation for me to use when doing their makeup. This is why I say the technique is more important than the cost of the product. I was able to provide a flawless beat with some foundation that I am sure was probably 5$. 

But with NYX Cosmetics products being available in most beauty supply stores, you are now able to be confident that you are buying products of quality.  

What Do I usually Purchase?

When I go to a beauty supply store, I usually purchase products from the same brands. I typically purchase a lot of Absolute New York lipsticks. I love the creamy matte look they give. In my opinion, I feel that they are a dupe for NYX Buttercream lipsticks. 

I also have purchased quite a few Ruby Kisses True Matte liquid lipsticks. I find these to be lightweight and not as drying as some of the other beauty store matte lipsticks I have tried in the past. I will say that as the lippie gets lows, it does become a lot drier and makes for a flaky application. At that point, it’s just time to go buy another one for $1.99. The hair store first introduced me to bold and bright lip colors. You can always expect to see a variety of lip colors in there. Don’t be afraid to spend that $3 to try out a color you would never think to wear. You might just find that it is the color you’ve been needing. 

I have so many lip liners from the beauty supply store. About 85% of my lip liners are from the hair store. They are also by Absolute New York. I will say the color pay off is not always that great, so you may not get your expectations reached. But, they’re only $.99-1.99, so you get what you pay for. The same goes for brow pencils. 

I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the beginner-friendly concealer by L.A Girl Pro Concealer. If not, you can find it right in the beauty supply store also. I have purchased this concealer many times. 

Now this one isn’t a makeup product, but I still buy body oils from the beauty store. Judge me if you want. But every time I wear them, I get compliments and people think I am wearing something expensive. Little do they know, it only cost me a nice hot shower and $3 to smell that good. 

beauty supply store lip liner

All in all, the beauty supply store can be beneficial for beginners and also beneficial when you’re crunched for time or coins. Depending on the store, you can find whatever it is you may need at that moment.

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