What I’ve Been Reading This Past Month

Here’s a fun fact about me. I’ve always enjoyed reading. When I was younger, I had a library card and would check out new books to read consistently. As an adult, I would visit used book stores and purchase loads and loads of books. So many that I can run a small library out of my apartment. Over the recent year or two, my reading time has decreased a lot and now I am working on getting back to my old ways. So after reading survey responses from my recent survey, I was requested to share what books I have been reading. So here is what I have read and I am currently reading for the months of September and October. 

Relationship Goals 

Author: Pastor Michael Todd

I am currently reading Relationship Goals and it has been such an eye-opening and amazing read. I am reading this book with a life group at my church and because I am reading it with a group, I am reading one to two chapters at a time. If I was reading it on my own I probably would have finished this book in two days! 

I recommend this book for anyone who is on a spiritual journey and wants the relationships in their lives to align with that journey. This book is for anyone and is not geared towards romantic relationships only. Instead, it focuses on how you can have better relationships across the board. Get your copy here. 

Lovecraft Country

Author: Matt Ruff

I read Lovecraft Country last month and I probably read it in all of two weeks. It would have been quicker if I didn’t have so many other activities happening. This book is AMAZING! You’ve possibly seen people discussing the TV show which airs on HBO on Sunday nights, but the show has nothing on the book. I chose to read the book before I began watching the show. Let me warn you, the book and the show have a lot of differences so if you want to read and watch the show I suggest you pick which one you want to do first. 

The book combines the Jim Crow era and science fiction in a way that almost makes it hard to distinguish between the two very different worlds. The book blends racism, magic, and in my opinion, a little bit of horror seamlessly. From my understanding, the author, Matt Ruff, rewrote a book by a racist author, Lovecraft, in a way that made the African American characters of the book the protagonists and the White men the antagonists. This was definitely not what the original author intended for the future of his work, which makes it all that much more worth reading.  

I give this book a 10/10 and I definitely recommend it. The show is also pretty good and if you’re interested in watching a science-fiction, slightly creepy, and disturbing show, go for it. 

Mama’s Chair

Author: Laquanta Porch
Last month’s Redefining Beauty, and my dear friend, Laquanta Porch, released her first children’s book in September. The book, Mama’s Chair, is written from a young girl’s perspective as she grows to understand that her grandmother has Alzheimer’s Disease and will no longer be sitting in her chair. Laquanta’s book brings awareness to the disease and also provides families with a loved one who suffers from the disease with a way to better explain to their children what is happening. I don’t have any children but I definitely enjoyed reading this beautiful story and supporting a friend. It’s an amazing book to help children understand their feelings and emotions if they are experiencing this in their family now. At this time, if you order one of Laquanta Porch’s books, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Get your copy here.

As I continue to read new books, I will share them with you all. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. I have recently joined a book club and we will be reading Little Fires Everywhere for October-November. Let me know if you decide to read it too!

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