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Beauty Between a Mother and Daughter: Redefining Beauty

Demetria Neal Moore and Retenner Neal

Last month, our Redefining Beauty segment went a little different. Our interview happened live on Facebook during an episode of Royally Set.

My Royally Set co-host Demetria Moore and her mother, Retenner Neal were the featured Redefining Beauty’s and they shared their perspectives on beauty live in front of our Facebook audience. This was the first live/virtual Redefining Beauty segment and the first segment featuring two women.

Royally Slayed

A fun fact about these two women is that they share a birthday. Mrs. Neal gave birth to Demetria on her birthday! That makes these ladies two of kind and an even better duo to feature. I chose these two women because I know that their strong mother-daughter bond would illuminate in front of an audience and showcase just how much mother-daughter relationships impact how we see beauty.

These ladies provided their perspectives on beauty and lessons they have learned from each other throughout life. The conversation with these ladies and our audience was simply phenomenal and uplifting. Check out what these Redefining Beauties had to say in the video below!

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