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6 Simple Ways To Achieve Glowing Skin

What if I told you the way to achieve glowing skin doesn’t require 50 expensive products? Would you believe me? 

Lately, I’ve been hearing “you’re glowing” and “okay skin!” more often. As much as I would love to give credit to my seemingly consistent skincare regimen, I know it’s something more at play than that. I know that because, I also hear “you look so happy” and “happiness looks good on you.” I’m here to tell you that, your skin care routine needs happiness….and a myriad of other things that essentially contribute to your inner peace and your well being. 

You just glow different when you’re happy. 

I read an article by Healthy Magazine that said that positive emotions can help improve your skin and that negative feelings affect your release of cortisol and your gut health, ultimately creating breakouts. Our emotional well-being can have so much impact on our physical well-being, why not prioritize it? Glowing skin truly starts from within.

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Here are 6 ways to achieve an inner glow that exudes through to your outer layer.

Doing things that make you happy. 

If Sis Rona didn’t teach us anything else, she taught us how to give up the things that are no longer serving us and to do more of what brings us joy. Life is hard enough. Why make it harder by doing things you don’t enjoy? We all need something to look forward to. 

But how do you figure out what brings you joy? Simple, think about the moments when you are feeling your happiest and most at peace. Do more of that. 


Prioritizing self care

When you do things that make you happy and that you enjoy, you are already engaging in self-care. I’ve talked about self-care quite often on the blog, but I can’t express how important it is for your well-being. Self-care can include your skincare routine, longer shower routines, journaling, exercise, or any activity that requires you to invest in yourself. Self-care requires you to give yourself the love and attention you need. Taking the time to love yourself and get to know yourself better will only contribute to the glow. 

Surrounding yourself with other happy people

The people you associate with have a lot of impact on your emotions. I’m sure you know that already but if not let me say it again. The people you associate with have a lot of impact on your emotions. So why not spend time with other happy people. Ladders has an article all about how hanging with happy people can make you feel better. One new thing I learned from their article was emotional contagion. 

Emotional contagion says that a behavioral change in one person can create the same change in people in their proximity. So if someone has a positive emotional/behavioral change, it is likely that the people they surround themselves with will also experience a similar change. Just think about those moments when you watch a happy video or movie, you begin to smile and feel happy as well right? If your emotions can be affected digitally, just think about how your emotions can be affected in person. 

The same should be said for associating with people who are continuously sad or negative. Those emotions can also possibly transfer to you. 

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Water, rest, repeat. 

Look, this is basic arithmetic. I can always tell a difference in my skin when I have not been drinking enough water or getting enough rest. I can’t say that I drink a gallon of water a day but I do try to get enough intake throughout the day to ensure that I am flushing toxins out of my body. Water helps to keep you hydrated, refreshed, and young-looking. Yes, young-looking. Water intake increases the elasticity of your skin, therefore making you less likely to have saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

The rest part of this equation is definitely not as easy for me but I do get my naps in. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, right? According to Honest, some benefits of a good night’s rest include minimal under-eye circles, an even and more radiant complexion, and reduction of fine lines, just to name a few. Sleeping is essentially the restart/refresh for your skin. It allows time for your body to rejuvenate and increase blood flow to your face, giving you a plump and radiant face when you wake up. 

So, drink some water and go to bed. 

A good and balanced diet

You are what you eat. 

My weakness is sweets. Whenever I eat too many sweets, I feel like within 12 hours, I have a pimple. I have been trying to limit my fast food and dessert intake and I can notice a change in my skin. I can’t say exactly how food affects your skin but I can say that it is something you should pay attention to. This is personal and I don’t believe there is any blanket statement that can be said for the relationship between food and skin.

So pay attention to how your skin reacts to what you consome. Eating good things can only bring good results, so make sure you are consuming vegetables, fruits, and other healthier items more often than you consume the unhealthy options. 

Clapping while you wait. 

Comparison is the thief of joy.

We are living in a world where everything is shared online. It’s easy to get caught up wishing that you were in a better position or a similar position as someone else. I’ve been there. I’m sure we all have. But something we have to continue to do is clap while we wait. Celebrate the successes of others without thinking negatively about your own value. Congratulate your peers while also continuing to have hope for your future.

Be happy for everyone and recognize they deserve what they’ve received just like you deserve what’s coming your way. And clap for everything YOU have accomplished so far. Don’t minimize what you have already done because you aren’t where you want to be yet. Clap for yourself too. Choose happiness in the waiting period. 

Being told you’re glowing is such a flattering compliment. But the best compliment you could ever receive is that “You look happy.” Happiness radiates and can reach so many people. Have you ever just ran into a complete stranger but thought “wow, they seem so nice and happy”? It made you feel good right?

So before you go buying that new skincare product that just dropped, think about how you’re taking care of your inner beauty first. I’m sure if you incorporate some of these things into your skincare routine you’ll see the results you want a lot quicker and they’ll probably last longer too. Oh and did I mention they were free?

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