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5 More Ways To Add Luxury Without The Cost

It’s been three years since we talked about luxury but I still have the same belief. Luxury is a mindset and not a price tag. Luxury is an experience and not an expense.

Luxury is about having extra time in your schedule. A lot of times we equate luxury to an expense or a name brand when true luxury is truly about making your day-to-day an experience while being comfortable, well-rested, and unrushed. I know more than anyone how hectic life can get and how easy it is to move so quickly through the day that it feels like you can barely catch a break. I’ve been working on being more intentional with my time, savoring moments, and digging deeper into self-care since being a wife and mom so that I can experience more luxury in my life.

normalize luxury in your life

In our first article on this topic, I discussed products and different ways to add luxury to your life without the cost. This time, we are going to approach different actions you can take to fully encapsulate luxury in life, even if you don’t purchase a single item. 

Block out an allotted time for yourself during the week.

 Having extra time in your schedule is a luxury that many of us don’t feel like we can afford. We have jam-packed schedules that prevent us from slowing down or having free time. I’m here to tell you to make the time. You schedule everything else. Schedule the pause.

Having time is a luxury.

It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. It can be simply blocking out 30 minutes a day to simply journal, read a book, meditate, pray, or take a walk outside. Just imagine getting that calendar alert letting you know you have an appointment in 15 minutes and the appointment is with yourself. That friend is luxurious.

Finding one task you can source out that would make your day-to-day easier 

I am a firm believer that we are not put on this earth to only work and do chores. There is a lot of life to live. So it may mean that you have to book a service in order to be able to enjoy life a little bit more. I personally enjoy online grocery shopping and grocery delivery services. I enjoy pulling out my phone on a rainy day or during my lunch break at work and ordering groceries to be delivered right to my doorstep.

Schedule the pause.

It’s something about not having to get out of my car that warms my heart. I use Walmart + for most of my grocery delivery services, but if any store offers curbside pickup or delivery, best believe I’m choosing that option.

Other ways you can sprinkle a little bit of “get somebody else to do it” onto your life are laundry services, hiring a cleaning service, and meal services like Hello Fresh, just to name a few. You can determine how much and how often you want to spend on these things and find the most beneficial and cost-efficient option for your lifestyle.

Establishing routines that give you more time to take care of and invest in yourself 

Life can feel like a marathon sometimes right? Like we are just rushing to get to the finish line at the end of every day. I noticed that I was feeling rushed all of the time and like I was just floating through a daily schedule just to say I got tasks done. I was existing instead of living. So I began moving slower and taking up more time to do more things for myself.

I established routines that helped me to slow down and exist. And if I can’t make the time for a full routine, I make my everyday routine an experience. Going to work? Oh, we wearing a suit and some makeup. Bout to shower? Oh, I’m taking a glass of wine with me. Pick one day a week to do above the bare minimum so you can drop that feeling of survival and fully thrive.

Enhance the routines you already have with the addition
with the additon of new products.

Invest in loungewear that keeps you comfortable while at home

Now this is something I’m still working towards doing but I know the effects it will have. I love robes and being comfortable around the house. Sometimes you want to wear something beyond that stretched-out bleached stain t-shirt (yea you sis). I love nightgowns and satin pajama sets and how cute I feel walking around our place. Just imagine it. You completed your full shower routine, you’ve exfoliated and moisturized and then you slide into your comfy lounge set with the matching robe. Sounds like a good, relaxing time right?

Add those products that mean luxury to you

Of course, we were going to touch on a few products you can add to have a luxurious lifestyle. A big addition for me has been fragrances. I’ve been dipping and dabbling into fragrances and I have felt like I’m living my most bad chick life. An easy way to get into fragrances is by getting samples of some scents you’re interested in before making the big purchase of a full-sized bottle.

Sephora has the best sample fragrance collection and the bottle sizes are decent, giving you enough to fully enjoy the scent even if you choose to not purchase it. Some of their sample collections come with a coupon to redeem a full-size bottle of your favorite scent from the collection. Check out some of their offerings here if you’re interested in growing your fragrance collection.

We discussed establishing routines where you take care of yourself earlier. But let’s talk about how you can enhance the routines you already have with the addition of new products. I’ve added a facial steamer and a hair steamer to my routines to make them more of an experience instead of a requirement. I’m also enjoying adding new products to my shower routine. I’m enjoying these bodycare products because not only are they taking care of my body but they are also so relaxing to use.

There are so many ways you can add a bit of luxury to your life and it’s not as complicated or as expensive as we think. Luxury is just like beauty. You define what luxury means to you. Make a list of what actions or items you need to make your life more luxurious and do or get something from that list once a month or once a quarter. I’m challenging you!

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